Truckfighters at the Camden Underworld

Before the rip-roaring and fuzztastic Truckfighters gig at the Underworld last month some of us were lucky enough to meet the band beforehand. We presented Dango with an FTA t-shirt as sort of a joke as he’d spotted Mal wearing a Truckfighters t-shirt in one of our photos, and he only bloody wore it on stage! For about 30 seconds… What can we say, the man likes to play guitar as nature intended. Bare-chested, with twin stacks and a whole lot of fuzz. So he came on wearing it and then threw it into the crowd. So the question is, which one of the people there was the lucky bugger that caught it? And would you like a free CD to go with it?

Dango wears FTA!

  • Mal

    I think he was playing through 3 amps…