FROM THE ASHES write the kind of music that refuses to tick boxes. Bringing together disparate influences, absorbing blues and heavy rock, grunge and country, this four-piece band from London create a unique sound that defies easy genre boundaries. Whether gigging on London’s live circuit or jamming the latest tracks in the studio, one is thing is certain: these guys are having a hell of a good time, and you’re all invited.




Born under an auspicious star, the musical destiny of the child known as ‘Gids’ was previously shrouded from even the most powerful soothsayer. For a time his future seemed to revolve around the Jazz flute; a weapon of quite awesome power. But that was just a shadow to hide his true path… After many years studying the mysteries of the Orient (like how to kick someone’s nose, quite literally, off their face) his final destiny was revealed; whilst meditating upside down upon a mountaintop a voice spoke to him. And that voice declared: “Oi Gids, you wanna play bass in a band?”. With his destiny finally revealed, and the funk needing bringing, he took his world of discipline, tied it ’round the bass guitar and let fire. Thus forging a monstrous occult sci-fi groove weapon.


Mal has been playing guitar for almost as long as he’s been into video games. A multi-talented musician and singer, it’s oft been pondered as to what started him down the musical path. Some speculate it’s because he envisaged the concepts for ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rockband’ well before the technology made it possible, and wanted to get lots of practice in before they were actually invented.



Steve has been making noise for a very long time now, first picking up a guitar when he was knee high to a grasshopper. It was, obviously, a very small guitar. Undeterred by such considerations, Steve threw himself recklessly into learning the six stringed instrument in every imaginable style: Classical, Rock, Blues, Flamenco. He’s played them all. Apart from Jazz, please for the love of God do not get him started about how much he dislikes Jazz. A lapse in judgment led to Steve spending most of his early 20s only playing acoustic guitar, a situation that was finally remedied by him falling down a lot and hitting his head. With common sense restored he set about putting a band together that would equal nothing less than pure rock and roll. His preferred weapon of choice is a Fender Stratocaster, because if it was good enough for Clapton and Hendrix, it’s good enough for a Steve. Steve also like pickled onions, pickled gherkins, and jalapeño peppers.